Anealan Championship 2015

Anealan Championship

Ern Halliday Recreation Camp

Friday 25th to Monday 28th September

Once again the populace of Aneala will gather to witness feats of prowess as our Armoured combatants, Rapier Combatants and Archers vie to become Champions of Aneala in their chosen martial art.

There will be feasting to celebrate the winners and to toast each others' company. In addition, Their Majesties shall be present to witness the prowess of Aneala at its finest.

The event will be open from 4pm Friday to 2pm Monday.

Bookings need to be received no later than the Friday before the event (18th September) and payments should be with the bookings officer no later than the 23rd September (Please allow at least two business days processing time for direct deposits).