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Aneala's Annual Arts and Sciences Championship



The Anealan Arts and Sciences Champion wins glory and renown as the greatest artisan in Aneala for the past year.  
They may also receive a badge and a few trinkets, some of which they will be expected to pass onto the next Champion.

Aneala has only 2 expectations of her Arts and Sciences Champion:
1. They will continue to do cool artistic things.
2. They will ensure that the badge and any other relevant items are at the next Championship ready to be passed on to the next Champion.


Each Championship begins the day after Aneala's Championship event and concludes at the following Championship event with the announcement of the next Champion.  Aneala's Championship is usually held over the September long weekend.


To be eligible you must enter at least 3 things, of at least 2 different kinds, into eligible A&S competitions.

"Things" can include performances as well as objects.
"Different kinds" means they can't all be embroidery or all be leather work or all be singing.
"Eligible competitions" means competitions held within Aneala and her cantons and colleges that are judged by at least 3 judges using Lochac Judging Guidelines to produce a score that is comparable across a variety of artistic endeavours and between competitions.
Scores from Kingdom A&S competitions judged by at least 3 judges using Lochac Judging Guidelines will also be accepted but ONLY if the entrant reports said scores to the Anealan Minister for Arts and Sciences (who has no other way of knowing them).
Eligible Arts and Sciences competitions open to all kinds of entries can be expected to be held at Midsummer, Midwinter and Championship.  Other competitions (open or themed) may also be held at other events and will be announced by the stewards.
Competitions judged by popular acclaim or tokens do not provide a comparable score and so cannot be included. 
If a person enters more than 3 things then the 3 best scores, that cover 2 different kinds of art or science, will be used. 
Everyone who meets the eligibility criteria will be considered to have entered.