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A&S Competition Scoring Guidelines

Please note: These guidelines have been superseded. Lochac now has a unified judging guideline, as found here:

The previous guidelines below are kept here only as a point of history:

Barony of Aneala



1-2 obvious major flaws or failure at attempted technique
3-4 obvious flaws, problems with attempted technique
5-6 some flaws, developing level of technical skill
7-8 very minor flaws, good level of technical skill and attention to detail
9-10 no discernable flaws, high level of technical skill and attention to detail and finish


0 no attempt at authenticity
1-2 minimal attempt at authenticity, very obviously non-period materials, techniques or design elements
3-4 some attempt at authenticity, effort made to include some period materials, techniques or design elements
5-6 moderate attempt at authenticity, effort made to include and combine period materials, techniques and/or design elements
7-8 strong attempt at authenticity, majority of materials, techniques and design elements are authentic
9-10 uses authentic materials, techniques and equipment in producing an entry that as a whole is highly authentic


1-2 entry is commonplace, exclusively duplicates common design elements
3-4 entry makes minor alterations to commonplace item or design elements
5-6 combines and/or substantially alters commonplace design elements; entry is less common in the SCA
7-8 combines and/or alters design elements in original manner, entry is unusual or to some degree individualised
9-10 creator combines materials and design elements in an original manner to give an impression of original artistic style, effort made to conform to event theme or to produce item for a specific person or purpose


1-2 requires simple, singular process to produce the entry
3-4 uses a couple of stages or different techniques in the creation of the entry
5-6 multiple stages or techniques are used to produce the entry, requires competence
7-8 requires mastery of the technique, a number of stages and techniques are used in creating the entry
9-10 very ambitious project, combines a number of different, and difficult, techniques and stages in creating the entry


0 no documentation
1-2 identifies period and place relevant to the entry
3-4 places the entry in its historical context, describes some basis for creation of the entry
5-6 uses some sources to begin discussion of the item and its creation
7-8 uses a range of sources, both secondary and primary, to discuss the item in terms of its context and the evidence behind the creation of the entry
9-10 a scholarly level of analysis and discussion, using primary and secondary sources, with a detailed discussion and sustained argument providing the basis for the creation of the entry


All entries are to receive comments. This can be the most important section for the entrants because it gives them useful feedback and suggestions for future projects. Please be as complete and detailed as you can. Feel free to comment on each of the above areas, especially if you gave a particularly high or low score in any of them. Take care that your comments are sensitive and give positive suggestions rather than criticism.

Feel free to discuss the entry with the entrant and the other judges.

Thankyou for your support of the arts and sciences.