Embroidered Tranzado

Sabine d'Ricoldi da Forli

Embroidered Tranzado


The basis for the embroidered tranzado came from Anderson’s Hispanic Costume . An example of an embroidered tranzado can be seen on page 154. Even though the pattern is not clearly evident, it is clear that the tranzado was embroidered with different colours.

The embroidery pattern is one I created, not specifically based on any one design or another. It is actually similar to a candle wicking design, where the types of stitches define the pattern.

The entire pattern is completed using stem stitch, commonly used in producing medieval embroidery.

The threads and material are cotton. While a lot of fabrics common are linens and wools, cotton was used. Hideously expensive but still used.

The tranzado pattern is one I created myself, not based off anyone else’s patterns, but it seems very similar to the style commonly used. It is created entirely by hand- no sewing machines came near this one!!

The ribbon surrounding the hanging braid covering is green satin ribbon. I did not include a tranzado stuffing because I was unsure as to how much to stuff it.

To be really honest, when I made it I had no idea about real tranzados. I have since found documentation - fortunately!!