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Kubb Field

Playing Field

Playing Field

Kubb, which means "block" in Swedish, is a game that is believed to have originated in France and in Sweden it was played as early as the Viking age, whatever its origins it is known that it has been played at least 1000 years. Presumably it was first started with blocks of firewood, a way to pass the time for the children of Viking communities.

Playing Pieces

The Batons-6 3.5-4cm diameter 30 cm long
The Kubbs or Knights-10 7x7cm 15 cm high
The King-1 10x10cm 30cm high
4 corner markers 
Measured string to mark out playing field (5x8 metres, but can be smaller or larger depending on space)


1. The King is set in the middle of the field, 5 knights of each team are based on the baselines.
2. Order of play is decided by one person of each team throwing a baton closest to the king without hitting it.
3. Team A divides the 6 batons between them and attempts to knock down the knights on Team B's Baselines.
4. Team B starts their turn by throwing the fallen knights toward Team B's side. They have two chances to throw it in position or Team A sets it where they like. Team A stands up the thrown Knights where they lay.
5. Team B then throws their batons at the thrown knights. They must knock down all thrown knights before knocking down the baseline knights (they just get up righted if knocked before)
6. The game continues like this between the two teams, knights being removed as they are knocked down on the field.
7. If a team does not manage to knock down all the knights on one side, the opposite team has the possibility to throw from an imaginary baseline drawn through the knight most in front on their side next time.
8. Once all the knights are knocked down, the teams can go for the king. The first time to knock down the king wins.

Additional Rules

1. If the king is knocked out prior to the knights being knocked out the opposing teams wins.
2. A team must have at least 2 throwing sticks left before hitting the king so it can not be taken out by team A in the first round.


1. I was going to help make the game, I gave my father in law the dimensions of the wood so he can help me find the wood, and he went ahead and made the game!
2. Some concern over the weight of the batons, but they knock down the knights easily enough.
3. Otherwise I am happy with the game.


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