Sabine d'Ricoldi da Forli



I was born in Forli, Italy on my father's estate on the 17th of August 1520, where my mother had gone to stay when she came into the family way. It was summer in Venice and it was not an easy birthing.

I lived my life until I was 16 on that estate until my mother died. My father brought me to Venice in 1540 to enter into society. My father is Mario Ricold, the youngest son of a Case Curti family, rich beyond comprehension after his eldest brother died. Already married to Francesca Zorzi, the youngest daughter of the Zorzi family, the wealth passed to him when my grandfather died. The only reason they could marry was the promise of that wealth.

As the only daughter of my father's household my days were filled with running the household, and household accounts, my father's sister teaching me the gentle arts of needlework- which admittedly I was not very good at, and gardening- which I infinitely preferred.

My father taught me to read so that I could more easily run his household. But I also took advantage of his extensive library.

My full name is Sabine d'Ricold da Forli in recognition of my father's family and my place of birth. As the daughter of a Zorzi my place in society is assured, but with my father's wealth very few are keen to raise his ire by mentioning his lesser background.

At this time Pietro Lando was the Doge, having just received the position in 1538 by the death of Andrea Gritti.

Venice was the chief European centre for trade in spices, silks, jewels and other luxury goods. The population of Venice at this time was 130,000.

The Ottoman Empire lead from 1520 by Suleiman the Magnificent, threatened the peace of Venice despite the policy of appeasement to ensure the safe passage of our ships through Turkish held straits. Andrea Gritti died after many calls for his resignation. Pietro Lando acknowledged the loss of territories and huge reparations had to be paid, but peace was secured for a while at least.

I would often read about all these distant lands in my father’s books and upon pleading with my father he decided to accept the Doge’s offer to send him on a journey and take me to Lochac, a principality of the West, as a diplomat to the Barony of Aneala.

As a newcomer to the Barony I found a freedom unparalleled. I learned how to fence with the rapier fighters and eventually took on the position of Chatelaine in the service of Their Excellencies Baron Nathan Blacktower and Baroness Catherine d'Arc. I eventually took up armed combat and competed in a few tournaments. I will soon become the group rapier marshal, passing on the position of Chatelaine to another worthy individual.

I earned my Award of Arms and the right to be called a Lady in March AS 35, given to me by Their Highnesses Gui and Aelfled.