Quest Questionnaire


The Society for Creative Anachronism

What time period and geographical area does the SCA seek to cover?

Where, when, and how did the SCA begin?

What is an anachronism?

Where does the Creative part fit in?

Our Part in the Known World

Lochac was formed from parts of two Kingdoms - which two?

Where is Lochac?

Where and when did Lochac begin?

Where is Aneala?

How old is Aneala?

Name the Baronies of Lochac and their locations.

Draw the devices of Lochac, and Aneala.

List the titles, forms of address, and SCA names for our rulers.

Please name Lochac's last and current Crowns.

The Order of Precedence

What is the Order of Precedence?

Arrange these in order of precedence – Award of Arms, Royal Peerage, Grant of Arms, Court Barony, Peerage, Non-Armigerous Award.

How does the Order of Precedence work? (How do you know where someone fits.)

How do you address Royal Peers?

Name Aneala’s Royal Peers.

How do you address Court Barons and Baronesses?

Name 3 of Aneala’s Court Barons and Baronesses.

How do you address people with a Grant of Arms?

Name 3 people in Aneala with a Grant of Arms.

How do you address Peers?

Name Aneala’s Peers.

How do you address people with an Award of Arms?

List 6 of Lochac's Kingdom awards, what they are for, how recipients are chosen, and their symbols.

List the Aneala's baronial awards, what they are for, how recipients are chosen, and their symbols.

Write (on a separate piece of paper) an award recommendation to the Baron and Baroness.


What is the Royal Presence, where can it be, and how big is it?

How do you act when you pass by it?

How do you act when you wish to enter it?

Describe how you should act when called into court.

What courtesies should be extended to heralds?

What courtesies should be extended to entertainers?

What is a consort?

How should a consort act?

What is a favour, what kinds of favours exist, and what articles could be given as favours?

What is fealty?

What is a cloven fruit and how does it work?

Describe the Grievance Procedure.


What is mundanity and why is it frowned upon?

Name 3 visual mundanities that annoy you at events and easy fixes for them.

Translate these the following into less mundane speech:
I can’t come.
I didn’t do it.
It’ll be very cool.
OK, I’ll do it
Is this OK?
Are you OK?
Hi, how’s it hanging.
See ya., mate.
Hey Pete, gimme a hand with this.

List 3 topics that should not be heard at events.


These are the people who do the work so you can have the fun.

Complete the table:

Symbol Office Current Anealan Officer Office Duties

Medieval Courtesy

Define the following terms: