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The Origin of the Quest

Catherine de Arc


This Quest is based on the Shire of Appledore’s Tournament of the Golden Swan and has been further adapted by other groups for their own people. Before it began here we had recently had some quests that were only open to one person, or to a few people. We thought that this could be turned into a quest that was substantial, yet achievable, and worthwhile for every person in the Barony. So it was adapted. The time frame was extended to one year and it was made more suitable for both sexes, and for those who were less interested in the arts, and it was made less persona driven for those who like to explore several times and places.

We were hoping to take some of the newer people who were enthusiastic but unsure what to do next and help them get to the next level, and that some of the older people might rediscover their enthusiasm. It worked.

During the year of the Quest we had more A&S competition entries, we were introduced to a new game and Kubb became popular at events, the herald had several more volunteers than usual to help at tournaments, and an extra rapier tournament was organised so we could have the requisite number for the Quest. People who might have been content to make a pretty frock were now researching period clothing, those who used to bring a loaf of bread to potlucks now brought food made from period recipes, individuals who once simply watched tournaments now tried their hand at heralding for them. Those people went from just about having an Award of Arms to holding several awards from the Barony and the Kingdom, they became officers and stewards and feastocrats, they are still entering and winning A&S competitions, and they teach classes.

“I did it because it was a good way to develop a more rounded persona, and to force myself to try things I hadn't done before. Also because I'm a research-a-holic, so the finding out more stuff side of it appealed, as did the definite deadlines (very useful for procrastinators!). The experience was a bit stressful at times, but I think it gave me a greater appreciation for the potential depth of re-enactment (that it is more than just wearing the clothes) and a greater understanding of my chosen time/place as well. I also enjoyed doing the Quest as part of a group - it was fascinating to see what other people were working on, and to have their support and encouragement.” Alessandra Torrigiani d’Arezzo

This Quest was first run in the Barony of Aneala from Midwinter AS XXXVI to Midwinter AS XXXVII. It was open to all within the Barony. Four individuals accepted, and completed, the challenge:

Alessandra Torrigiani d’Arezzo
Sabine d’Ricoldi da Forli
Catalina da Gata
Cynewulf of Wintencaestre

Since then Catherine de Arc has also completed the Quest.

Many of the arts and sciences pages here show the work done for the Quest.

But this Quest is not over. The gauntlet is still out. This Quest can be adapted to any person in any SCA group at any time. Will YOU take up the challenge?

If you complete the Quest please let us all know so that others may be inspired by what you have done.

Onward to the Quest!