Welcome to Lochac's March Crown Tournament AS 57

King Leofric and Queen Sabine 10 - 12 March 2023

The glory of reigning as Lochac's Crown lasts for only six months. Through these fleeting moments, the Crown as the font of all awards has the unique privilege to bestow recognition on the deserving populace in front of their friends and peers. But with great power comes great responsibility; to share the burden among Lochac's populace, we hold a Crown Tournament to choose new Heirs to the throne.

The Barony of Aneala has the honour of hosting this tournament to determine the 42nd Crown of Lochac. The event will be held from the afternoon of Friday 10th March through to Sunday 12th March at Ern Halliday Recreation Camp in Whitfords. We invite the Populace of Lochac - those coming to contest the Crown List and those coming to bear witness - to join us in Lochac's West to share in the wondrous spectacle.

Bookings are critical to reserve your place at this momentous event. We welcome the Populace to book now to secure your place.

COVID 19 Travel Advice is available from the WA Department of Premier and Cabinet

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Contact Information

Steward: Konrad Hilderbrant. email: march.crown@aneala.lochac.sca.org
Bookings: Elizabeth Severn email crown42bookings@aneala.lochac.sca.org