David de Saxby

David De Saxby


Gyronny argent and azure, a monster statant consisting of the body and head of a lion, issuant from its back a goat's head guardant, tailed of a serpent, Or, within a bordure counterchanged


Court Barony
given by Phillip and Linda
on 1991-09-28
Award of Arms
given by Jade II and Anastacia II
on 1988-04-01
Order of the Leaf of Merit
given by Reynardine III and Éibhleann I
on 1991-08-31
Order of the Demi-sun
given by Lachlahn and Jane
on unknown
Baroness Favour
given by Lachlahn and Jane
on unknown
Order of the Rowan
given by Gerald I and Alisaundre I
on 1992-05-30