Aneala DeviceAnealan Baronial Devest and Invest

23-06-2018 to 24-06-2018 
June 23 - Bentley Community Hall
June 24 - Lake Monger Primary School 
Adult Member Full Event - $35
Adult Member Tournament only - $10
Adult Member Feast only - $30

Youth (10-17) Member Full Event - $17.50
Youth (10-17) Member Tournament only - $5
Youth (10-17) Member Feast only - $15
Under 10 are free for the event. Non-members will need to add $5 to the member fee for insurance. 
Kilic ibn Sungur ibn al-Kazganci 

The 9th Baron and Baroness Dameon and Leonie have requested of Their Majesties to step down from their duties as Baron and Baroness of Aneala which has been accepted. Having heard the wise words of Our Baron and Baroness of Aneala, and having consulted with Their populous, Their Majesties are glad to announce Lady Elizabeth Rowe and Lord Agostino Tamburri as the future Baroness and Baron of Aneala.

Come along to help us celebrate with Tournaments and Feast. Which will be in the theme of Late Medieval England.

You will have an opportunity to bid a fond farewell to our current Baron and Baroness and to welcome Lady Elizabeth and Lord Agostino into their new role.

A timetable will be posted closer to the event. Bookings officer is Lady Elizabeth Severn and the event steward is Dede Kilic and feast steward is Mistress Branwen.

Saturday 23rd June - Armoured and Rapier tournaments, Devestiture and Investiture and Feast. Lunch will also be provided.

Bookings Close: Sunday, June 17th 2018
Booking Contact: Lady Elizabeth Severn -

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Aneala DeviceMughal Feast (Midwinter)

Set up opens at 5 pm, Event Starts at 6 pm.
Finish 11 pm. 
Bentley Community Centre. Nyamup way Bentley 6102 
Adult: $35
10-17: Half Price $17
Under 10: Free 
Konrad Hilderbrandt 

The Mughal Empire was set in the Indian subcontinent., founded in 1526.
Mughlai cuisine evolved in Medieval India over the course of the Mughal Empire. It is generally quite spicy, rich and heavy, marked with a very unique aroma.
There will be a open arts and sciences competition.

Booking Contact: Lady Elizabeth Severn
Send bookings to

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