Aneala DeviceA Persona Tournament

The Event will open at 11am.
There will be a pot-luck lunch. 
Garvey Park, Ascot
Western Australia
$6 for members
Non-members will also pay the $5 event membership fee. 
Columb mac Diarmata 

After each fighter presents themselves to the Baron and Baroness, an armoured combat melee tournament will be held between an Early Period team and a Late Period team. There will be a pot-luck lunch during the tournament.

The fighters of the Barony will individually introduce themselves during opening court. Each fighter will explain to the Baron, Baroness and the populace who they are and what inspirations they have drawn on in putting together their fighting harness. Some examples are included below, but the following guidelines should be followed:
The key elements are:
- Who are you
- What are your inspirations
- What led you to choose the armour your wear (look? ease of movememnt?)
- What parts of your armour are especially meaningful for you

The intent here is to share our joy and successes, not the simple mundanities of our kit. Only mention the things that are special to you. Don't say "I have this helmet because it's the only one I can afford" or "I wear this armour cause the rules say I have to". If the only thing you like about your kit is the shape of your shield and your tabard, great! only mention those!

The fighters will then assemble in order of the era they draw inspiration from - including the contemporary Laurel Kingdoms for personas centred on the Barony - and divided into two equal teams - "Early" and "Late".

A series of Melees will then be held between the two teams. The combat style is modelled after the "Combat of the Thirty" as run at Rowany Festival, though modified to suit a broader range of personas.

The Rules of the Melee are:
- All fighters are presumed to be armoured such that only blows to an open faceplate (ie: bargrill) are deadly. A hit to the face will "kill" a fighter, who should immediately fall down dead.
- Three good blows in succession will subdue a fighter and make them vulnerable to capture. These may be any legal blows, but must all be received within the same engagement. A subdued fighter must wait passively to be captured, unless rescued by a team-mate.
- Subdued fighters must be escorted to a nominated area by a member of the opposite side. They may only return to the fight if their escort is attacked and subdued by a rescuer, or they are left all alone for 30 seconds.

Example introduction:
I am Columb mac Diarmata, and the persona I am presenting is that of a man-at-arms fighting the Hundred years war, around 1370. My inspiration for this persona comes in no small part from Arthur Conan Doyle's "White Company" novel, as well as a fondness for the armour of the time.
As would be typical for a man-at-arms of this time, I am wearing a lot of plate armour, but still relying on mail for for areas of the body where a lot of flexibility is required. Key elements that I have chosen that really tie me back to my persona are the bascinet helmet, articulated plate knee and elbow armour and the closed greaves.
I also wear my squires belt, which carries the motto "exist in excellence", and my sword-loop, decorated with the emblems of my household, Knightsbridge, and the Knights Hospitaller.

Aneala DeviceǢfensang - An Evening of the Bardic Arts

Site opens at 4pm and closes at 9pm, with a potluck dinner. 
16 Dampiera Court
Maida Vale, WA 6057 
Free for members, $5 surcharge for non-members. 
Best Pickel Ambberger 

Join us for a relaxed evening in celebration of the bardic arts. Songs, music, jokes, stories, games, theatre, and any other entertainment piece that you care to present.

The event will be a cross between a social gathering and a bardic circle. Bring any songbooks or musical instruments you may have. No court, no competitions - just eat, drink and be merry.

Aneala DeviceHyde Park Demo

Set up time 7am till 9am each day
Vehicles off site by 9am. 
Hyde park
Vincent Street, Perth, WA 
Non-members $5 event membership 
Mistress Branwen of Werchesvorde 

Hyde Park Fair is on again! And as usual Aneala has a presence in order to attract new membership to our Society.
You are cordially invited to participate. Come and be part of the tournament display as a armoured or rapier fighter or both! Bring along your current project to work on, or that finished piece that we can display. We need static items and in progress items, people to man the tables and talk with the public.
More information regarding parking TBA.

Please come along and support your local Barony.

Abertridwr deviceLochac May Crown

12-05-2017 to 14-05-2017 
Karem Adventure Camp
100 Kirby Road, Bullsbrook WA 6084 
Galen Wulfric 

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Baronial Events

  • Baronial Meeting. 3rd Friday of each month, room opens at 7pm for a 7:30pm start. (Contact Baron and Baroness).
  • Arts & Sciences Night. (Currently on hold ) (Contact Catherine de Arc).
  • Archery. Sunday from 10am. Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, Wembley. (Contact Archery Marshal).
  • Fighter Training. Sunday from 10am. Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, Wembley. (Contact Armoured Marshal).
  • Rapier Combat. Sunday from 10am. Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, Wembley. (Contact Rapier Marshal).

Dragon's Bay
Please check the Dragon's Bay website for details


  • Fighter Training - Wednesdays and Sundays, see the Abertridwr website for details.
  • Arts & Sciences - Sundays with training at Wandi from 12:30 to 5pm.
  • Abertridwr Council - This moves dates each month. Please check the Abertridwr website for details.


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