Aneala DeviceGolden Thimble

19-08-2017 to 20-08-2017 
Riverton Scout Hall Ferndale Reserve
Metcalfe Rd, Ferndale WA 6148 
Cost $25 members, non-members add $5 event membership.
Children and populace are invited for the final results at 3pm Sunday, free for members $5 for non-members. 
Branwen of Werchesvorde 

Golden Thimble Competition is being held again. Get your teams together, up to 5 people including your model.

The event will run from Sat until 4pm Sun. There will be a no work between 12am and 7am to allow participants to sleep. Rules will be posted on the list closer to the date.

The idea is to make a full outfit, i.e skin out for an individual. Please note due to electrical loads only one machine to operate in each team at a time. Sleeping in the hall is permitted, meals will be provided.  Steward Mistress Branwen of Werchesvorde

Bookings Close: Tuesday, August 15th 2017
Booking Contact:
Contact Branwen of Werchesvorde for team registrations


Aneala DeviceBal D'Aneala: Winter's Rest

Event formally commences at 6pm, with set-up from 5pm 
Corinthian Park Hall
Corner of Beatrice Avenue & Leach Highway
Shelley, Western Australia 6148 
Adult member: $20
Under-18 member: $10
Under-6 member: free
+$5 event membership for non-members 
Jacqueline of St Basil 

Come in from the cold to Bal D'Aneala: Winter's Rest. Share food and drink in good company; watch and perform works of poetry, drama, dance, songs, comedy and more! Warm up on the dance floor or cool off over a game of chance or strategy. Show off your skills at the arts & sciences, or cooking, or even compete to be the next Bard of Aneala. Join friends from around the Kingdom as we share in the warmth of Winter's Rest.

Please bring a pot-luck dish to share.

Candles are allowed in the hall (enclosed flames). Please bring extras so that we have plenty of light.

The following competitions will be running at this event:
A&S with the theme "Things to Keep You Warm"
Cooking competition with the theme "Pies"
Aneala's bardic championship: the Golden Rose Bardic Competition

Bookings Close:Saturday, August 19th 2017
Booking Contact:
Elizabeth Severn


Aneala DeviceAneala Championship

22-09-2017 to 24-09-2017 
Site opens at 4pm with event starting at 6pm.
Monday all dorms must be cleared by 10am and we should be off site by midday. 
Ern Halliday Recreation Camp
Whitfords Ave, Hillarys WA 6025 
Adult Camp: $100
Adult Dorm: $135
Child Camp: $80
Child Dorm: $110

Saturday (includes lunch and dinner): $35
Sunday (includes lunch and victory feast): $45 
Renonys de la Fueille 

You are invited to Live the Dream at this year's Anealan Championship, the premier camping event of Aneala.

Immerse yourself in the medieval world as combatants test their skills in the marshal lists and artisans present their best creations, all for the honour of being proclaimed Champion of Aneala.

Once the dust settles on the list field, enjoy good food and good company around the campfire as we camp in style.

Site opens at 4pm with event starting at 6pm.
Monday all dorms must be cleared by 10am and we should be off site by midday.

Bookings Close: Sunday, September 17th 2017
Booking Contact:


The following regular activities occur unless superseded by an event above

Baronial Events

  • Baronial Meeting. 3rd Friday of each month, room opens at 7pm for a 7:30pm start. (Contact Baron and Baroness).
  • Archery. Sunday from 10am. Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, Wembley. (Contact Archery Marshal).
  • Fighter Training. Sunday from 10am. Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, Wembley. (Contact Armoured Marshal).
  • Rapier Combat. Sunday from 10am. Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, Wembley. (Contact Rapier Marshal).

Dragon's Bay
Please check the Dragon's Bay website for details


  • Fighter Training - Wednesdays and Sundays, see the Abertridwr website for details.
  • Arts & Sciences - Sundays with training at Wandi from 12:30 to 5pm.
  • Abertridwr Council - This moves dates each month. Please check the Abertridwr website for details.


Other non-SCA events of interest


Event Booking Policy

  • Payment for all bookings must be made in advance of the event by the date advised in the booking confirmation email. If payment is not received by the due date your booking will be cancelled. 
  • Payment may be made either online or at any Westpac bank branch.
  • Payment will not be accepted at the door except in exceptional circumstances and only by prior approval from the bookings officer and event steward.