Aneala DeviceMongolian Tourney & Games Day

Set-Up from 10am.
Armour Inspections & Tourney Start after Set-Up finishes. 
The Dragon's Lair
Casuarina Wellard Community Centre
cnr of Mortimer Rd and Barker Rd, Wellard 
Adults: $5
Kids under 16: Free
Insurance for Non-Members: $5 extra 
Wolfgang Germanicus 


Imar, Alpin and Myself were tasked with running a Tourney by the Khagan during his reign and in his honour. As such we want the Tourney to be reflective of the Mongolian Persona of the Crown and representative of his love of archery. The tourney will be similar to the “Malatzgird” tourneys that were being run by Baron Kilic. The nature of this will be 1 Heavy & 1 Combat archer per team. The Heavy will have to ride a horse, the horse will count as an extra life from archers. The first time he is shot, he has to drop the horse. Both horses must be dropped when heavies are within a few metres of each other. Combat continues under normal rules of engagement.

A&S Competitions: Mongol theme + Open

Pot-luck lunch: Please Bring a Plate

Mongolian Games for non-combatants, and for after tourney.

DragonsBayGreen Dragon Feast & Games Day

The Lair
11 Barker Rd, Wellard WA 6170 
Members - $10
Minors under 12 - $5
Non-member - add $5 
Lady Avalon of the Isle 

Bookings not required.
The Green Dragon Feast & Games Day is the annual celebration of the Green Dragon Norek. We'll be enjoying novelty archery shoots, potluck lunch/BBQ and a variety of games for entertainment over the course of the day. A more detailed list if activities will be posted closer to the event.

The following regular activities occur unless superseded by an event above

Baronial Events

  • Baronial Meeting. 3rd Friday of each month, room opens at 7pm for a 7:30pm start. (Contact Baron and Baroness).
  • Archery. Sunday from 10am. Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, Wembley. (Contact Archery Marshal).
  • Fighter Training. Sunday from 10am. Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, Wembley. (Contact Armoured Marshal).
  • Rapier Combat. Sunday from 10am. Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, Wembley. (Contact Rapier Marshal).

Dragon's Bay
Please check the Dragon's Bay website for details


  • Fighter Training - Wednesdays and Sundays, see the Abertridwr website for details.
  • Arts & Sciences - Sundays with training at Wandi from 12:30 to 5pm.
  • Abertridwr Council - This moves dates each month. Please check the Abertridwr website for details.


Other non-SCA events of interest


Event Booking Policy

  • Payment for all bookings must be made in advance of the event by the date advised in the booking confirmation email. If payment is not received by the due date your booking will be cancelled. 
  • Payment may be made either online or at any Westpac bank branch.
  • Payment will not be accepted at the door except in exceptional circumstances and only by prior approval from the bookings officer and event steward.