DragonsBaySt Valentines Day Tourney and Italian Feast

Site Opens for set up – 11 am
Tourney 1 pm to 5.30 pm
Feast 6.00 pm to 10.30 pm
Pack Down 
Tuart Lakes Lifestyle Village, 831 Mandurah Rd, Baldivis WA 6171 
Full event (Tourney & Feast); Adult $20, 15-18yr $10, Under 15yr $Free.
Feast Only; Adult $15, 15-18yr $7.50, Under 15yr $Free.
Tourney Only; Adult $5, 15-18yr $2.50, Under 15yr $Free.
Non-Members: Please add $10 per adults & $5 per child. 
THL Galen Wulfric & Mistress Sláine inghean Ui Ruádhain 

Come one come all Valentines of these Western Shores as we celebrate this day of innocence and serenity and turn our faces away from the intrigues and complications to less simple pleasures. To prove their commitment or resistance to loves fair delights a Rose Tourney will be held where prowess chivalry and courtesy will be the measure of a fighter’s troth and fortitude.

Should rapier be your blade of choice then an opportunity also exists for a tourney where renaissance fighters may display their own measure of prowess chivalry and courtesy under loves fair banner. To strengthen our resolve and give equal substance to body’s as well as hearts the day will commence with a ploughman’s lunch of rustic pastoral pleasures. And what better way to mark the successes of the day than to enjoy dancing, games, song and merriment as together we feast in an Italian style with food as equally fitted to amore dell vita, romance and love as any tryst or dalliance.

BOOKINGS REQUIRED. Bookings close 9th February 2020.
Bookings Officer: Mistress Sláine inghean Ui Ruádhain, email
Please book using this link:

DragonsBayJune 2020 Long Weekend Gathering

29-05-2020 to 01-06-2020 
Setup from 12pm Friday 
Wandi Progress Association grounds, DeHare Drive Wandi, WA 
Full camping and feasting event: adult members $95, minors (10-17yo) $45, under 10 free.
Non-member adults +$10 for all prices.
Non-member children under 18: +$5 to all prices.
Early-bird bookings and pricings available.
Family discounts.
Day rates available (pay on the day!). 
Devine Winter 

4 days and 3 nights of medieval immersion: war, A&S classes, visiting teachers in martial and A&S disciplines.
Come for one day, a meal, or camp for 3 nights for an immersive experience.

Bookings Close: Friday, May 22nd 2020
Booking Contact: Gumuuinus de Eggafridicapella
Bookings form shall be available soon.
Dragons Bay's Bookings Policy can be found here:


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  • Archery. Sunday from 10am. Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, Wembley. (Contact Archery Marshal).
  • Fighter Training. Sunday from 10am. Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, Wembley. (Contact Armoured Marshal).
  • Rapier Combat. Sunday from 10am. Lake Monger Primary School, Dodd St, Wembley. (Contact Rapier Marshal).

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