Frequently Asked Questions

Newcomer Information

What is the SCA?

SCA Device or ShieldThe Society for Creative Anachronism is an international medieval club with a focus on recreating the fun aspects of medieval history and culture. It began over fifty years ago at Berkeley University in California and it arrived in Perth in 1982.

We have a unique culture of “experimental archaeology” where you can learn about history by actually doing it with your friends. We hold regular events where in medieval clothes we feast, we dance, we sing, we compete in tournaments and importantly we enjoy the good company of our friends.

There is always something to do or to learn and new members are always welcome to come and join us.

To become a member see the Australian corpoate page. Join the SCA

What does “Anachronism” mean?

An anachronism is a thing that is out of its place in time - like a 747 in the Roman Empire or a Viking in the Hay Street Mall.  

What do we do?

We research and recreate all the fun aspects of life in the Middle Ages, including armoured combat, archery, costuming, dancing, brewing, cooking, and anything else you can think of. We have regular meetings and training sessions to learn and create and we hold events such as feasts, tournaments, balls and camping weekends where we show off the results of our research and training.

I’ve never been to an event, where do I start?

Our Chatelaine is the person who helps newcomers find their way through their first event; please feel free to contact them with any questions you might have. Our upcoming events and regular activities can be found on the Calendar page. Some events (Mostly Catered ones) require bookings and the booking contact will be listed in the event information. For all other events you are welcome to just show up.

Come along to a training or to an event. At an event you will need to wear an attempt at pre 1600 clothing.

What do I wear?

For our feasts and tournaments we wear medieval costume, which we call garb. For our training and meetings costume is not required. If you need to borrow a costume you can contact our Chatelaine. Eventually you will want to make or buy your own costume; the Arts and Sciences Minister can help you.

What about food and drink?

Our feasts are generally catered with delicious medieval food options that come out in several courses or “removes”, which contain a mix of dishes. If the event information mentions a “pot-luck” then everyone will be bringing a plate of food to share. Please bring your own drinks. You will also need to bring your own plates, bowls, cups and cutlery, or contact the Chatelaine if you need to borrow these.

Do I need a medieval name?

Eventually you will need a medieval name but you can use any name you like to begin with. The only thing that is forbidden is assuming the identity of a famous person that really existed or a character from a novel. You can call yourself Richard the Tall but not Richard the Lionheart or Elrond of Rivendell. You should also avoid giving yourself a title - only our King and Queen can do that.

I’m interested in… (armoured combat, embroidery). How do I get started?

For armoured combat, archery or rapier combat please contact the relevant marshal (Armoured Combat, Archery, Rapier) or just show up to training. For most other activities you can ask the Arts and Sciences Minister who can put you in touch with other people who share your interests. Many arts and sciences activities are advertised on our mailing list or Facebook group and held at people’s houses. You are welcome to attend any of these; just ask the person hosting it for their address.

Can under 18s come to events?

Children and teenagers are welcome at our events and are able to participate in most activities, though there are some age restrictions for combat-related activities. Our rules require specific paperwork and supervision for minors to attend events. If you plan to bring children other than your own or if you are under 18 and wish attend an event without your parents then please contact our Constable before the day of the event.

What is a Barony?

The SCA divides the world into regions called kingdoms and within these kingdoms there are smaller groups called baronies, shires, cantons and colleges. Australia and New Zealand make up the Kingdom of Lochac. Within Lochac, there are baronies and shires in every state of Australia and in the North and South Islands of New Zealand. The Barony of Aneala covers most of Western Australia. It has two sub-groups - the Canton of Dragons Bay covers the Mandurah/Rockingham area and the College of St Basil the Great is based at the University of Western Australia.

What do the titles and crowns mean?

We have our own set of titles and awards; this is a rather complex area that some find fascinating but it takes time to get your head around. To begin with, it is acceptable to address anyone as My Lord or My Lady. We recommend that you avoid wearing anything that could be mistaken for a crown. White belts are reserved for certain people and coloured belts will sometimes be used for specific purposes. Black and brown belts are always safe choices for your first events.  

What is a peer?

These are usually very experienced members with expertise in some aspect of the SCA.  Knights for armoured combat, Pelicans for service, Laurels for arts and sciences, and Masters of Defence for rapier. They can usually answer most of your questions.  Ask anyone at an event to point them out.

Administrative Information

How do I become a member?

The SCA is inexpensive to join and membership will save you a surcharge at every event.
The latest membership information can be found here.

Can Non-members come along (insurance)

Yes, they can. Our insurance requires that non-members pay an additional amount for an event membership for each event or activity they attend; $10.00 per adult & $5.00 per child.

Which group am I in?

You can attend events in any group at any time. The Barony of Aneala covers metropolitan Perth. The Canton of Dragons Bay covers the Mandurah/Rockingham area. The College of St Basil the Great is based at the University of Western Australia. These groups are all part of Aneala. To find out which group you officially live in you can enter your postcode into the Lochac Group Guide page to find out.