Kilic ibn Sungur ibn al Kazganci al Turhani

Kilic ibn Sungur ibn al-Kazganci al-Turhani

Kilic ibn Sungur ibn al-Kazganci al-Turhani is a Turkic nomad from the Early 13th Century. Kilic was bought from his parents at market in Samarkand and raised as a Ghulam or slave soldier. He served his master well and when his master passed away took service with a number of different rulers, warrior lords and merchants particularly in the unsettled regions of Rum. Like any good nomad he has become a jack of all trades and has tried his hand at various crafts including woodwork, leatherwork, metalwork, armouring, tent making, cooking and hats – definitely likes hats.


Sable, a shief of five swords argent within a bordure Or.


Order of the Laurel
given by Garick and Talitha
on 1999-03-06
Order of the Pelican
given by Niáll II and Liadan II
on 2014-09-20
Lochac Company of Archers
given by Rowland II & Tailltiu II
on 2021-05-01
Order of the Silver Pegasus
given by Henri I and Beatrice I
on 2012-09-28
Court Barony
given by Niáll II and Liadan II
on 2014-09-20
Award of Arms
given by
on 1985-01-05
Order of the Rose Leaf
given by Jade II and Anastacia II
on 1988-04-04
Order of the Silver Tear
given by Valerian I and Rowena I
on 1989-05-21
Order of the Silver Nock
given by Elffin II and Rowan I
on 1990-06-09
Order of the Leaf of Merit
given by Hauoc I and Etaine
on 1998-08-08
Order of the Demi-sun
given by Lachlahn and Jane
on 2009-12-17
Order of the Supporting Swans
given by Damian and Leonie
on 2014-09-20
Baronial Cypher
given by Damian and Leonie
on 2018-06-23
Fleur de Soleil
given by Mathias and Elzbieta
on 2002-03-31
King's Sigil
given by Aaron and Alisandra
on 2002-11-02
Order of the Rowan
given by Bran and Lilya
on 2010-03-08