Ulfr fra Jorvik

Ulfr fra Jorvik


Per pale argent and sable, on a chevron gules three roses argent slipped and leaved proper.


Award of Arms
given by Henri I and Beatrice I
on 2012-07-29
Order of the Nock
given by Kinggiyadai I and Altani I
on 2015-04-25
Order of the Star and Lily
given by Ariston I and Lilavati I
on 2017-05-12
Order of Prometheus
given by Felix II and Eva II
on 2019-06-02
Order of the Demi-sun
given by Damian and Leonie
on 2016-10-29
Hearth Troop
given by Damian and Leonie
on 2017-09-24