Leonie de Grey
Leonie de Grey

Leonie de Grey


Vert, semy of acorns inverted, slipped and leaved, Or, on a chevron argent, a raven close, head lowered, sable.


Order of the Laurel
given by Ædward II and Yolande II
on 2006-04-16
Order of the Pelican
given by Alain I and Safiya I
on 2022-06-05
Grant of Arms
given by Cornelius I and Morwynna I
on 2003-07-05
Order of the Silver Pegasus
given by Niáll III & Sabine I
on 2019-11-23
Court Barony
given by Cornelius II and Morwynna II
on 2005-11-26
Award of Arms
given by Hugh I and Merewyn I
on 1986-01-04
Order of the Rose Leaf
given by William III and Joanne II
on 1987-04-11
Order of the Roman Lilies
given by Haos I and Bryony I
on 1990-11-03
Order of the Silver Tear
given by John I and Gabriel I
on 1993-02-13
Order of Prometheus
given by Bran and Lilya
on 2010-05-29
Order of the Golden Tear
given by Niáll I and Liadan I
on 2013-07-27
Order of the Demi-sun
given by Peter and Muirghen
on unknown
Order of the Supporting Swans
given by Agostino and Elizabeth
on 2021-06-06
Princesses Cypher
given by Reynardine III and Éibhleann I
on 1991-08-31
Defender of the West
given by Jade XI and Siobhan II
on 2000-08-17
Royal Cypher
given by Gabriel and Constanzia
on 2010-01-09
Royal Cypher
given by Niáll I and Liadan I
on 2013-11-30
Order of the Rowan
given by Steffan II and Branwen II
on 2017-08-27
Queens Cypher
given by Ratbot I and katherine I
on 2023-10-28