Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada

Rhianwen was caught by a Saxon Lord on a Raid to her home land of Ireland.... She now manages to wander the timelines and prefers to live in the 13th Century rather than the 10th or 11th centuries.... She has an interest in food, beverages and setting a good table, calligraphy and illumination, and is attempting to learn about a number of other things; shoes and headresses in particular OH and jewellry as depicted in some of the Flemish paintings.


Sable, a demi-unicorn rampart Or crined and horned argent


given by
on 1992-01-11
Order of the Pelican
given by Phillip and Linda
on 1991-08-31
Grant of Arms
given by Ariston and Lilivati
on 1987-04-12
Court Barony
given by
on 1989-04-08
Order of the Leaf of Merit
given by Stephen II and Sariya II
on 1988-01-02
Order of the Rose Leaf
given by Jade III and Amanda I
on 1989-01-07
Order of the Silver Tear
given by Haos I and Bryony I
on 1990-11-04
Order of Prometheus
given by Gabriel and Constanzia
on 2009-08-29
Order of the Star and Lily
given by Bran and Lilya
on 2010-05-01
Order of the Golden Swan
given by
on unknown
Order of the Demi-sun
given by
on unknown
Order of the Supporting Swans
given by Lachlahn and Jane
on 2009-08-11
Princesses Cypher
given by
on 1988-07-09
Queens Order of Grace
given by Geoffrey and Kira
on 1989-04-08
Princesses Cypher
given by Reynardine III and √Čibhleann I
on 1991-08-31
Lochac Order of Grace
given by
on 1992-09-15
Royal Cypher
given by
on 1993-01-02
Lochac Cypher
given by Bran I and Cairistiona I
on 1995-01-14
Baronial Cypher
given by Branwen and Kilic
on 2010-11-06
Augmentation of Arms
given by Gabriel II and Constanzia II
on 2011-06-06
Order of the Rowan
given by Henri I and Beatrice I
on 2012-09-28