Aife ingen Echdach
Aife ingen Echdach

Bantiarna Aífe ingen Echdach

Bantiarna Aífe ingen Echdach was born in 785 to Echdach Mac Eochaid & his wife, a Pictish princess and sister of Causantín mac Fergusa, King of the Picts.  She was the sister of Alpín mac Echdach and, through him, aunt of Kenneth MacAlpin (Cináed mac Ailpin), who became Kenneth I, King of Alba. Aife was fostered by her uncle Constantín mac Fergusa and was sent back to Dal Riada to be married when a Viking raiding party near Iona captured her. She was allowed to join a Viking settlement in the Western Isles and acted as a diplomat between Viking, Pictish and Dal Riadan groups due to her ties with each.


Argent, a triskelion of spirals and an orle azure


Award of Arms
given by Rowland II & Tailltiu II
on 2021-05-01
Black Feather
given by Agostino and Elizabeth
on 2020-08-29
Order of the Demi-sun
given by Agostino and Elizabeth
on 2024-01-20
Royal Cypher
given by Leofric I and Sabine II
on 2022-05-07
Queens Cypher
given by Ratbot I and katherine I
on 2023-10-28