Peter du Gant Noir

Sir Suleiman ibn Turgut ibn Arslan

Formerly Peter D'Gaunt Noir


Per pale gules and Or, on a glove aversant sable, a cross formy per pale Or and gules, all within an orle of chain argent


given by Finnian I and Lucrezia I
on 1995-09-09
Order of the Pelican
given by Geoffrey and Kira
on 1989-04-08
Knight of the SCA
given by Jade V and Shaheena I
on 1990-11-04
Award of Arms
given by Michael and Iseult
on 1986-01-04
Order of the Leaf of Merit
given by Stephen II and Sariya II
on 1988-01-02
Order of the Rose Leaf
given by Kane I and Rhianwen I
on 1991-09-28
Order of the Silver Tear
given by Aylwin I and Ingerith I
on 1992-11-02
Order of Prometheus
given by Gabriel II and Constanzia II
on 2011-03-26
Hearth Troop
given by
on unknown
Order of the Demi-sun
given by
on unknown
Order of the Golden Swan
given by
on unknown
Valiant Swans of Aneala
given by
on 2009-12-06
Lochac Order of Grace
given by Styvyn I and Rhyllian I
on 1990-01-06
Order of the Shining Helm
given by Haos I and Bryony I
on 1990-11-04
Princesses Cypher
given by Reynardine III and √Čibhleann I
on 1991-08-31
Royal Cypher
given by Gerald I and Alisaundre I
on 1992-09-05
Defender of the West
given by Veniamin and Aeron
on 1995-08-03
Order of the Rowan
given by Ragnar I and Bliss I 1997
on 1997-10-18